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2012-20: Lisptrack #10

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Lisptrack #10 2-29-12 by Rumorator


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which we discuss Spirithoods, the review thereof, bloggerfreinds and audiobloggermamas and something about snowboards. Also, I’m pretty sure I played myself off in this one.

2012-18 Pancake Day

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Hi there.
Good to see you’re still alive.

Kind of an odd ball weekend over here on my end. And that’s what we are going to talk about today, The Weekender. Today’s bloggums is brought to you in three parts.

Part 1th, in which I, Greg from rumorator dot com, discuss Spirithoods and spirit animals.

Part 2st. In which I, Greg from rumorator dot com, discuss going to DJ shows and the awkwardness of meeting kinda famous people.

And Part 3nd. In which I, Greg from rumorator dot com, talk about the beatification of a friend in the days leading up to the Cafflick Lenten celebrations.


I spent a large portion of the weekend running around Milwaukee, filming a product review for Yobeat. We were testing out Spirithoods. It should be a pretty rad little video when we get all the footage together. We was stacking mad footy, yo!

But it got me thinking about spirit animals again. This is not really new to me. I know flawsyfiles and I have discussed the hackery of claiming the wolf or the bear. And to go wayer backer, there was the flight home from Aruba, during which the Dominican and I blasted for like 4 hours about the rhinoceros as a pretty badass spirit beast. Nature’s firefighters and all.

Anyway, since we can’t all be wolves or bears or sharks. I’ve compiled a quick

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guide to choosing a spirit beast. Dig it:


Wolf (this guys already owns it), Bear, Eagles, Tiger, Lion, Gazelle, Jaguar, Leopard. Pretty much any large cat is right out.

Get on it:

Kangaroo, Tasmanian Devil, Tapir, Camel, Badger, Any monitor lizard

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that has been released into the wild by a shitty owner, Goat or Beaver.


The pine marten

So get it together, pick a beast and live the shit outta that lifestyle.


I went to see A-trak (Canadian) make music with records and nobs and computers this weekend. It was good. I was in a situation in which I was introduced to Latrell Sprewell. He said, “Who are you?” And I said “I’m Greg, from rumorator dot com.” And he said “I’m Latrell.”

And then the confusions sets in. Do I say “Nice to meet you Latrell. It was Latrell, right?” I mean, does that just piss the dude off? He was an NBA supa-star and mega-Milwaukee dude. Of course I know who he is.

Or do I say “Oh, I know who you are. It’s nice to meet you.” Then does he assume I am making some reference to his past.

I think I said,

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“Yes yes, good to meet you.”

What a fool I made of myself


The beatification of the Goose

2012-12: Meanwhile, Back at the Office

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

1th-PhotodumpThis was our rental ride. Kind of excessive. And we kind of abused it, but it was a pretty cush ride. Mega-global warming going on here. It cost me $17 to drive from Frisco to DIA. It also reminded me how much XM radio sucks asses.

Mandatory picture of the window licking bear at the convention center. I’m actually kind of a fan of this piece of art. It’s neat.

This is my boss getting down with a SpiritHood that we are supposed to be product testing. In case you couldn’t tell we are in the Anon booth. They have some ridiculous M1 goggles coming out next year. Magenetic snap-in/snap-out lens changery. I’m curious about how hard I will have to fall to bust them loose.

This is probably my favorite Capita board for next year, although the entire fucking line is sick. Always is, to be honest. How you gonna go wrong with a woman with fangs and a pentagram on her head. Feels like a winner to me. I was all stoked

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to ride one on Monday, January 30th when Bloggerman, WWD, told me No media rides. Then, hours later, this floats through my twitter trough: REJECTED!

This was the saddest lunch ever.

Boss lady again. Tired, frustrated and hiding out. But hey, cheap cialis TRice is now riding for hOme watches!

I was at the Shag Lounge in downtown Denver, and I saw this Schlitz piece, so I ordered a Tall Boy of Schlitz. I was told they didn’t have it. WTF?

Everyone’s favorite brand: TheHundred

Then later in the evening when you hit up a friend regarding your location and this is the reply, you gotta call bullshitz. FACTS: We were in Denver, bru, in January, it was like 3 in the morning. And

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that is some summer, viagra online pharmacy morning lighting if I’ve ever seen it. You can’t just drop these on someone and pretend they’re real-time. Up the game, friend.

This is dude is a radder. Non-stopper. As for that bandaner, that was on a stripper moments before this pic was taken. novolog flexpen canadian pharmacy It was also not appreciated by the Banditos Motorcycle Club, who were also in the place.

This is where the trip went soft for me. In Boulder, touring a fake tea factory. This was tea bag dress is in the main lobby and nearly the highlight of the tour, until Tali started laughing at the “Teabagging Station. ” To be fair you need to picture the ridiculous Celestial Seasonings bear just dangling his balls over the Morning Thunder buffalison. Plop tadalafil generic cialis plop!

I did eventually go snowboarding. I was riding Salomon boards the whole time because I was cockblocked at Capita. I always forget how fucking fast and snappy their boards are. Their new bindings were kind of okay. Plus, I could ride their boards switch, I guess that counts for some reason. Here’s what I liked #1 The Man’s Board: Because it had juggs on it #2 The pharmacy rx one Salomonder: Because it had hardwood basketball court graphixxx #3 the Villian: Probably a better ride than the Salomonder, but the graphixxx weren’t as rad.I’m just going to assume that the person who produces these stickers doesn’t have a super mega-energy drink contract.

2012-6: In which we discuss animals, humans and gods

Monday, January 16th, 2012

We’re gonna start today off with a few questions

1.     How does a dog that size create such massive craps?
2.     Are you ready to hear a story about the majesty of nature? I hope so, because it’s gonna end up like Wild America in this section.
3.     People I know.
4.     People I would like to know.
5.     WTF Kiera Knightly?
6.     BONUS! JESUS.

(Colin) 1th: Dumps like a truck truck truck

I am currently in the practice of dog-sitting. This is new to me. And there are a few things I need to lay out. I find it hard to respect a dog named for a Lioness. A tiger maybe. I mean a fucking tiger is a killing machine. But a lioness? I’ll sit a top a Range Rover and land headshots on a lioness and her cubs all day. Then I’ll bring them home illegally and get them taxidermed into a anthropomorphic setting of a family of lions getting ready to go to church on a Sunday morning. The mother wearing an apron, cooking up gazelle bacon, and all the cubs in their Sunday dork clothes, sitting around the table. To display such a huge piece of kinked out nature porn I would probably get a new place. Or put it in a storage locker, until I forget about and 3 years later Darrell bids on it early because he sees the wow factor in such a set up. Dave Hester would bid the bitch up high because Dave would know the value of some poached and taxidermed lions. But ultimately it would go to Barry because that dude knows some weird shit when he sees it. This is pretty much why you give a dog a proper dog name.

Also, this dog takes the massivest dumps. Human sized. And I have to pick them up. It’s awesome.

2st: Mild Awareica

I was recently in a city. And in that city was a building. And in that building there was a second floor landing. And on the second floor landing was the most majestic painting of two bald iggles ever seen outside of Brackendale, B.C. It was powerful.

So I turn to C-blast and ask her to snap a pic of it and send it to me, as my phone is out of battery powers. She did. Snapped and sent. Then she deleted it. What an asshole! Now I cannot share this majesty with you. You all feel cheated.

You wanna talk more about Animals? I can do that. Just dig on this.

The SIA meeting emails are rolling in and I’m not sure who I am looking forward to speaking with the most, but something tells me this is high on my list:

I hope they let me demo one.

3nd: People I know

When I was not looking at majestic avian images this weekend, I was turning screws and helping my homey Keef hand snowboards to people. I really thought I was beyond that phase in my life, but I guess not. It was wicked fun and I got a few runs in myself.

Plus Poco, Hans G and PlanetJakerzz stopped by to talk shit. That can make most days pretty rad.

4rd: People I wish I knew:

This is a list of names of people I wish I new:

·     Roger Steambreath

·     Michael Goldfronts

·     Les Jailface

·     Coffeepot Jones

·     Pull Thunderton

·     Steven Filthcramp

·     Kjersti Buaas

·     Pickles French

·     Seaver Cloggs

·     Boushh

5st: Kiera Knightley in a low-cut dress

Why the fuck does Kiera Knightley only act in steampunk movies? Does she hate the modern era? Is it that she really isn’t that good and relies on over-the-top costume work to carry her? For real, check out this IMDB list.

I don’t know why I am even concerned with this.

6nd: Bonus

Get with it: Actor, Models and Talent for Christ.

A few things to cover here, starting with “CSO, chief serving officer.” Listen up. If was going to dedicate my life to modeling, acting of talenting for the jesus prints, I would want someone with connections and business acumen. Not someone who re-titles himself or herself into a submissive roll. Also she is a “late-in-life committed christian” which pretty much means she cannot be held accountable for hanging out with gay men, doing drugs, or the like 100s of dicks she has put in her mouth/vagina/anus. We can’t blame her because jesus hadn’t spoken to her yet. No no no. I cannot handle the sham that is “late-in christianity.”

Lastly their contact number is 800-STAR-420. This is all a joke right?

Fuck it. I can’t handle the sham that is christianity.