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2012-36: Passed Over

Monday, April 9th, 2012


I was able to get out for my first mountain bike session of the year. I was at the John Muir Trails to lay down 12-14 miles and a little time in the skillz course. I was originally thinking of heading to Blue Mounds State Park, but the trails there aren’t even open yet. Which is probably a good thing. I’m not ready for that place. One thing I learned on Saturday is that I am wickedly out of biking shape. Had I been at Blue Mounds, those horrible hills would have left me for dead. Fuck, those hills are aerobically treacherous even at the peak of bike season.

Anyway, I was out riding, feeling good, passing people, then about 8 miles in I crapped out and was passed by two groups. I was struggling. My fingers were sore from gripping the bars. My shoulders were sore. I was a wreck. Somehow I finished up the ride and wept, alone in my car. I’ve got some work to do.

But the bike was in pretty good shape. Sure, a few screws need to be tightened and the shocks still need a proper fine-tuning, but damn it felt good to be back on the trails. Hard to believe last weekend I was on a snowboard.


Here are a couple more of late hitters from the Tahoe trip.

First up we’ve got Benji getting some off a man’s jump at Heavenly. I heisted this one off facebook but it’s still pretty rad.

Next up we’ve got an image from the ice rink in the village at Northstar. We’re going to play a game. Please tell me what is the awesomest part of this image.

Is it:

A: The girl with no pants on?
3: The guy in a tank playing a flute?
®: The fact that

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they were there together?

3nd Operation: Through Noggle’s Goggles

It’s been brought to my attention that Madison has local television stations. And it’s been brought to my attention that these local televisions stations have news broadcasts. And it’s been brought to my attention that one of these local news reporters claims to be an avid snowboarder.

I heard this and I knew had to dig a little deeper. It wasn’t hard. She claims

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to be of the shred on her own blog. I know what you’re thinking, “Shit, news lady is bloggermama too.” But hold on. I am concerned about her having bloggermama status.

I have these concerns because of her shred choices. First off, I think she might be running a Head snowboard and some off brand bindings. Then her outerwear choices are kind of questionable. If you’re not willing to succumb to old-shred status that you gotta keep your shit quick. Either you’re re-upping in your costume every season, of you’re going with the safety looks. She seems to be doing neither.

Then again, she’s a local television personality status and can’t get a hook-up? Where are the local reps on this. Get her on the program, so when the local news turns to her for a story about Capital-S snowboarding it isn’t a story about “snow boarding.”

But more importantly, I’m now on a mission to get Amber Noggle on the Rumorator program. This is how it’s going to happen. Over the next 8-9 months I’ll pressure Local Television Personality, Amber Noggle, to ride with Rumorator. It’s going to be awesome. I’ll make a whole series out of it—Through Noggle’s Goggles. It’ll be ace.


I gotta admit this is a pretty slick ad for Minnesota. Plus, the song is kind of addicting. Kinda wish they would have gotten had the snowboarderist in front of a House of 1817 backdrop.

But there is more! Did you see that band? Those dudes are solid gold. Literally, that band is SOLID GOLD. And check out Señor Hurlburt on the guitar. Dang, giving Minnesota some love from the Cleeze.

Your local Taco Bell presents 4rd Meal aka Vivir More

You know that feeling you had back in high school, about that slightly off girl in your class. Maybe she wasn’t the brightest girl in school. She probably wasn’t really attractive, maybe she wasn’t even in the regular classes and just sat in your mom’s office the whole day because you mom was the guidance counselor and that broad had problems. But yet she had those monster boobs that you couldn’t stop looking at those. She probably had boobs before any other girl and this probably had something to do with the amount of time she spent in your mom’s office getting guidance counselor-ing.

You know the girl I’m talking about right? That kind of how I felt about this mural.

2012-31: Gonna Get You Over That Hump

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Metacarpus: The Tahoe Time

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Machine: episode 4
We need to get these Tahoe stories over with, right? Okay here goes. Monday morning ran it up to Northstar with a full crew, eleven deeps to start with. Then we picked up Tali, Kenji, Alex and Skinny Claire (who was riding with broken collarbone. Gritty). We ripped up what was left of the backside. El Poco Lollo and I mostly rode with Benji (not Kenji) and Tom because those dudes know how to find every fucking hit in a forest. Good times, mega tree jumps all morning.

Afternoon came and we moved it over to the frontside of the mountain for a park sesh. Always fun at N*. Plus with the crew we had, there was no choice but to try to up your game. Lap after lap after lap. That’s what we did all afternoon. But we did stop for some lunch.

Then it was time to go out and get after the donkey dick that was mugging Tali and I all day. So we rolled up Tali hops on and immediately eats shit. It’s at this point that I use my concern for her well being to skip the rail and see how she’s ding. Luckily it was nothing serious, just a quick shinner.

Next run, I had no choice but to hit that rail now. So I did. And immediately skipped off, smashing my face on the snow and scratching up my favorite pair of goggles. Oh, I should mention that I also shinnered it. But we was cool, got up and keep moving, hit a couple more features and even got this fancy image on the ride-on from the EpicMix photog man.

Eventually hit the base and meet up with the crew at the 4pm meeting spot, Starbucks. Suze was there, so I was telling my smashing story to her. Then I say, “oh shit, I ripped my pants.” Then I say, “Oh shit that hole is kinda bloody.” I pulled up the pant leg to find this:

Check out the blood stain on that boot pull. The resale on these is going to be shit. Needless to say the day ended with 8 stitches, beers in the waiting room and the realization that this is the most injured I’ve ever been.

Proximal Phalange: Lists
I’ve complied two lists of things that are surprisingly easy and surprisingly difficult to do while smoking:

Dropping a Duece
Stoop Sitting
Breast Feeding

Hiding in Closets
Playing Tetris
Hiking to Flavor Country
Sneaking up on the Vietcong

Middle Phalange: MusicMusic
Can’t believe this album turned 10-years old this week.

Pretty sure I had to drive to Minneapolis just to get it. Ought two. Tough times.

Distal Phalange: On Your Health
Like diplodocus

2012-30: Tahoe Time Machine Episode 3

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Somehow I managed to catch up on a little sleep on St. Patrick’s Day. This is surprising not because El Poco Lollo and I went out and tore up the scene in South Lake, but because we thought it would be a good idea to put off sleep for as long as possible. It was cool though. We got to hang with a couple of our Kiwi-house hosts, Tom and Tamara and USAer Jonaten. We also drank a whole bunch of PBRs talked shit, literally, for hours.

Sunday, we went back to Heavenly, but stayed on the Nevada side. I’m unsure how much snow fell overnight but the winds were blowing hard, giving us a ton of new deep spots to hit. I dumped the Cheetah for the Mr. Nice Guy. I’m glad I did too. The Cheetah kinda became a set of handcuffs after awhile. All I wanted to do was jump off shit. Besides, one of our guides Austin (not a Kiwi) had been ripping the entire time on a 147 Artifact. And he slowed down a total of zero times. Just burners, nonstop.

Speaking of burners, we were still sour diesel-less. But the one

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of Austin’s cohorts stepped up and was asked who wanted to make some pot smoking happen. He then proceed to pull out a full sized pipe and light it up. Now typically dudes are rolling with onies or little pocket pipes. Something convenient and won’t get in the way too much. Not this dude. He was essentially toting a centerpiece in his coat.

He then proceeded to blow our minds by loading this thing, about as inconspicuously as someone loading a shotgun in a shopping mall, and fired it up in the craziest winds ever. It was just pack, pack, snap, lit, burrrrnnnn. Directly in front of a lodge full of families eating their bread bowl chilies. That dude was a super hero.

The downside of the situation was being lifted and having to navigate flat light to grey–out conditions. I actually had to rely on some of the skills I’ve picked up in over the past 20 years. Easy-peasy.

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So we slashed the rest of the day away and Lisa even fell in one time. Typical kiwi maneuver.

Day 2 was a success.

How badly do we want this, NOW:

2012-25: Bloggers Medley

Monday, March 12th, 2012


Full fucking weekender at Tyrone’s Basement. Let’s break it down by the numbers:

• 2 minute tadalafil nas?l etki eder park laps
• 300 vertical feet
• 5 minute chair rides
• 62 degrees
• 144 ounces of PBR
• 9/10 on the Frank-Wolf Ball Sweat Scale

After two days of hard jumping into slush, my body hates me. But this is just training before I get to Tahoe for a five-day snow orgy. I gotta be honest, I wasn’t feeling a need to carry the Cheetah out there. But now I’m reconsidering. I can’t be riding a 157 park deck in the steep and deeps at Kirkwood. Shit. Now I’m carrying 3 boards out there. Why is this anything to complain about?

I should also mention that I spent the weekend riding the Parkitect:

This thing is fun and I could ride it switch. What more do you need? I guess I could say that it also had some mad pop and kept me landing like a feline. The 157 felt just right, and frankly I can’t wait to get back out on this thing. Was it better than my Mr. Nice Guy? I think it might be.
Whatever, Hooner also talked about this deck in a little more depth. Read what his mouth says here.

Complex is fucking worthless. Today their lead article is about the 50 best slogan tee shirts ever. Check this:


Essentially they have compiled “50 movie quotes people say” or “50 reasons you should watch Two and a Half Men.”

But wait there’s more.

It was just last July, that the same publication told you these slogan pharmacy online tee shirt were the 39st worst thing that ever happened to men’s fashion. BOOM 7 months later, they’re endorsing ‘em. 11/10 on the Frank-Wolf Hackosity scale.

Milk Break:
I know men’s snowboarding is supposed to be so much cooler to watch, but I can’t even count their spins anymore. And for the most part, watching snowboarding on TV has a 90% chance of being 100% boring. On the other hand, I think this mamajamma has like 3 tons of style riding with her.

You see the way she’s down on those landings? Dragon ass. Then just bang-bang back up. I’ll watch her ride snowboards all day.

This iFone ad is stupid.

Lets examine:
1. 14-years olds with iFones are fucking bitches, cialis ads 2012 all of them. People who use Siri and aren’t driving are idiots.
2. If you have to ask were a music store is, give up. True musicians can just feel where the shops are. I cannot sense this, that is why I am not a musician. I’m just going to assume RockGod went to Guitar cheap viagra online Center.
3. You need to know how to play something? Maybe while you were at the music store you could have picked up a couple of playbooks. I bet Siri forgot to mention that, didn’t she. You brainless twit.
4. Migraine Headache is a shitty band name. america online pharmacy But probably perfect for a band that gave up on Zeplin and went to covering The Clash. Get a really name like Prodrome or even just Migraine. See that, shorter names with similar subject matter and way more aggressive. Toughen up, dude.
5. Siri, please tell Julie and Kate, this band isn’t playing at “THE garage.” The band is playing at “A garage, “HIS garage,” or better yet “HIS PARENTS’ garage,” tonight.
6. Way to play with you back to your audience, asshole. You’re no Miles Davis. You’re also no Rock n’ roll fun.
7. RockGod? With an ego like that I have a feeling Julie and Kate are going to be really unimpressed when you send them a few dick pics. If you wanna be a real rock god, shoot yourself in the face.

Steve Jobs must be so proud of his company.


Oh what? You want a dessert too, fatty?


Friday, December 17th, 2010

I lifted a couple images right off the SnowboardMag website to post these up.

This is my buddy Ryan. The guy straight up sgt. slaughters snowboarding. Every time I get to ride with him I feel like I get five times better. Did I

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mention he’s old, but he still rides like he’s 19.

I’m sure he’ll be out this weekend with the ridiculous snowstorm that is supposed to be moving through the Tahoe region.

Full Disclosure: These photos were taken by someone named Binky.

Fuller Disclosure: I once got smashed up and vomited in Ryan’s guest room. pharmacybuy generic cialis onlinecialis manufacturer couponsotc viagra

A lot.

Dropping some potential industry knowledge on you.

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Brace yourself:

Nitro Snowboards just changed up their whole US repping game. And in just above Shaystyle TWBiz (that bastion action sports…nay all journalism) printed a press release as a story. MFin’ Kailee Bradstreet must be stoked to get the byline on this whip. I imagine her year end bonus just got mega-er. Anyway, here’s the press release:

Nitro Snowboards Now Under The Foundry

kailee bradstreet


Technica Group USA, the distributor of Nitro Snowboards, boots and outerwear, announced a new agreement today with Foundry Distribution for the sales and marketing of Nitro products:

“Nitro USA division of Tecnica Group USA is the distributor for Nitro Snowboards, Boots and Outerwear, Raiden bindings and L1 clothing.

Effective January 1, 2010, Foundry Dist. will assume responsibility for the field sales and marketing activities of the brands.  Tecnica Group USA will continue to provide the administrative services for the brand.

The Foundry Distribution crew has been active in the snowboard business for more than 25 years.  This new, national sales effort will focus on the knowledge Foundry has of the Nitro product line and the best positioning of the brand within the snow sports dealers for snowboards and accessories.  Commenting on the new arrangement, Foundry partner, Tonino Copene said, “This is a huge opportunity for us to be more committed to the snowboard community and the retailers who support Nitro in the US market.”

Announcements about changes in territorial representation will be made by Foundry Distribution by the January 1, 2010 start date.
For more information please contact Josh Roberts or Tonino Copene at Foundry Distribution, (877) 506-1169.

About Nitro Snowboard Co.
Since it’s launch in the winter of 1990, Nitro has been committed to snowboarding for over 20 years. From our Team to every piece of gear we make snowboarding is our 100% focus. Our goal has always been to progress snowboarding with products that are innovative in technology,
design, and materials. No hype- just proven performance and a history of innovation that speaks for itself. The first asymmetrical twin-tip, progressive sidecuts, and the first three-piece adjustable binding just to name a few. With a Team consisting of Eero Ettala, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Jon Kooley, Markus Keller and Cheryl Maas our passion for snowboarding will remain true and in good hands for years to come.
About L1 Outerwear
We are purely focused on making gear that is inspired from the streets and taking it to the snow. We are premium fits, premium fabrics and an unrelenting attention to detail. We are signature collections by the most influential riders on snow. We will always believe style wins over tech. We are Jon Kooley, Jordan Mendenhall, Nima Jalali, Will Tuddenham, Ben Bilocq, Anton Gunnarsson, Joe Mertes, Knut Eliassen. We are L1.”

 You can read it here too


The real story here isn’t that some ski company owns Nitro, but that their distribution is switching to “the Foundry.” Word on the street is that the Foundry is pretty much Milosport of Utah. Seriously, el Foundry is made up of Nitro team manager Tonino Copene (nitro team manager), Josh Roberts and some dude named Cal from Milosport. The plan is to get Nitro back into the spotlight in the US. To do that it seems like getting boards into as many shops as possible might be a good idea.

 Now the question is, “Why is a local shop going to want to call up Milosport (Home of the $1 below MSRP and free shipping, sticking it to the local shops), who happens to be a direct competetitor and say ’Hey nemesis, I need to order a dump of boards, and while you are at it please fuck my ass in multiple ways this year.” Smells like crack to me.

 All that said, it probably doesn’t really matter, except to the nitro reps who may need to start updating those resumes. The last Nitro board I rode was in like ‘95 and had this weird Wolverine knock-off character on the base. It was slow as fuck. I’m talking worse then Liberace Technologies slow. I always assumed it was my boy, The Crystal Falcon, that was slow. Nope, it was the board.

 Since then I have seen zero Nitro decks in the midwest. Not that the midwest is a shred hotbed, but apart from that I have seen five nitro boards since ‘95. Four were in the roof rack of the Nitro team Nissan Rougue outside a grocery store that had a shit selection of yogurt in South Lake, and one was on Hoon’s blog.

 I wish my blog was funnier today.

 Although that Kailee Bradstreet shit was proper.