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Voter Depression. Or, Sheep!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Hey it’s that time of year. Time to squawk the vote. I‘m not talking about politics, this is not nearly as important. But just like politics, and Dancing With the Stars, it doesn’t really matter how you vote, the lame-os tend to win and your shit gets fucked anyway.

So with that, you should probably get over to the Shepherd Express and vote for the best of Milwaukee.

Start your voting off with:

C’mon. Fucking For Real? Best place to pick up your shit rag print medium. I guarantee every one voting for this category picks the BP station on Bluemound in Brookfield. Lame-ass suburbanites. They pick up the old ShepEx to see what people in the city are doing, and to feel edgy. CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY HAVE A COMIC CALLED “LIFE IN HELL.” WE CALL IT “LIFE IN HECK” IN MY HOUSE. The only people who even pick up this paper in the city are those looking to do a crossword puzzle while they opt to get truckhoused alone at Red Dot. I know this.

Whatever establishment wins this category, I will drop by that joint every week and piss all over their stacks of shepex papers.

It’s like the USA Today and Legends of Rock magazine had a child on a local level.

Lets move on:

What funny is 4 seasons is a skateboard park. For skateboardering, and I guess theoretically, rollerblading with your mom. The rest of those going are for ice skating. Genius. Shitbags.

Keep it going


My boys at MODA3, have got some stiff competition: JCPenny, Jos A. Banks, Urban Outfitters. This is great list as I’ve been looking for some new Union Bay jean shorts. I’m also pretty well surprised Kohl’s isn’t on the list. That’s where 90% of this city goes to get their khakis for casual Fridays or weddings, depending on your place in the caste.

Don’t stop

A Master’s in Geography

You do realize UW-Madison and Northwestern are not in Milwaukee. And Kaplan and University of Phoenix are not real schools, right? And Carroll College is in republican Waukesha so that’s not really an option. Which leaves

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you with 4 of the original nine. Granted they are 4 legit schools, it doesn’t make it okay for the ShepEx to pump out hackwork.

Services Rendered

This pages is the best. I hope the ShepEx has soft hands for all the dick rubbing they are doing with these categories.

Honestly no one, NO ONE, has a favorite internet provider, cell phone provider, or lawyer. What people have is the one they are stuck with. They have they got hooked up with when they were 19 and living outta the dorms for the first time, or when the one with the coolest phone at the time their last contract was up, or they had to call when the police wanted to search their house because they had a basement of weed. But all are willing to take your money. At least the lawyer provides some sort of legit service.

I think it’s pretty clear who pays the bills at the ShepEx.


Here’s a little something brighten your day:

Recall Tuesday

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

It’s going down in Wisconsin today. I should also note it’s Twofer Tuesday at some pawn shop here in town. I know this because I’ve seen the commercials way too many times. I know

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this because the Cap City Estate gets free mystery cable.

We got a lot to cover, so lets do this:

1rd: London Heat

People are angry in London. I guess this is what happens when you take away jobs and public services people are like, “Fuck it, we can tear this shit down. We built it.”

Part of the anger may be caused by the confusion over the great TJMaxx vs TKMaxx debate.

I mean who’s really delivering the Maxx for the min? Who’s got more more off-salmon color polo shirts for $14.99(Compare to $89.99)?

What bothers me about this picture is who isn’t in it:

This girl, the grrrman isn’t in it. Picking me up a new euro Carhartt belt. Whyte folks must have gone ape when they realized this place was having a riot sale.

Meanwhile Johnny Lydon now has to ask himself which side he’s really on. You still punk johnny?

2st: This one is for A-man

Seattle is beautiful this time of year:

3th: new blogbuddies

I added Huckleberry Hart to the blogroll. You’d be wise to take a minute and read his shit up.

4nd: Help Wanted

Open call for internships.

What you’ll do:

  • Make coffee
  • Pour coffee
  • Delivery coffee
  • Take notes
  • Write blogs and tweets when I don’t want to
  • Learn to be wicked funny
  • Hold my cigarette and beer while I pee in this bush
  • Maintain my composting bin

What You’ll get:

  • Invited on bike rides
  • Invited on snowboarding excursions
  • a reason to hang out with me
  • probably some promo stuff
  • A cot in the basement
  • A blackberry
  • I free trip to SIA 2012 complements of
  • No college credit
  • 12x your recommended daily dosage of “Oh, fuck yeah” moments

You’ll also want to have a

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camcorder, insurance, a healthy tolerance for pain and drug use, a hook-up on sunglasses and no real respect for religion or the oxford comma. It is required that you are at least 21 years of age and have the ability to stand for 8 hours a day.

This is an unpaid internship.

5st: sounds

Have we been listening to the Cloak Ox lately?

Probably should be.