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2012-83: Looking Backwards at Looking Sideways

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Looking Sideways x Endeavor Snowboards x Vans Collaboration from Looking Sideways on Vimeo.

This lovage landed in the inbox well over a week ago and I’ve been meaning to post it up. That has kind of been my unintentional approach to the entire We Look Sideways project—it’s always been on the radar, just towards really, really close to the edge. Then again it’s a European project. I’ll add that to my list of excuses.

Nonetheless, it’s a really cool project. The people behind it seem to be some top notch MFers. Give it a look. And when they finally bring this project to North America, maybe you can get involved. Or find some other reason to not send in a pic of your eyes, shifted.

I had a very similar project I was tackling in college, but it was just asses. And I only had like 5-8 pics. Definitely a strong piece.

Thanks to Matt Barr for bringing this to my attention. He and some other raddest people on the enetz, Chris Moran, Rian Rhoe, et al., were knuckle deep in it.

Have I kissed enough asses yet? Do I get to go to Europe and talk about snowboarding all the time now?

As I said, be sure to check this out.