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Heeeeeey, Holidays. When did you get here?

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Alright fools. Back at the estate, the turkey is gone, and that god-awful parade went through New York so we seem to officially be in the Holiday Season. Channukah fires up in 12 days. Eight days of anxiety, wondering if this is enough oil for the lamp, Jesus gets tossed up on the crucifix 13 days later. No wonder the holidays keep us on edge. History is telling us it’s touch-and-go.

Meanwhile there is still no snow in Wisconsin. Well Tyrol Basin blew a bunch and tossed out the rail garden. So all the youngstahs can be stoked on that. They even made a little edit and got it put up on Yobeat. Then in classic Wisco form, a bunch of kids lamed up the comments calling each other “fagets.” Keep it classy Wisconsin.

And if you weren’t getting your shred on maybe you found yourself at Brew City’s very own Art vs Craft. Let me recap it for you, you take 4 people are making things that people find interesting and doing it well. They you add 45 other shitbag hipsters making potato press cards of sparrows and cupcakes, add a sewing machine , Cat Eye glasses, some rap lyrics for “irony” (we have already discussed this), a serious lack of Laura George, and BLANGLE!! that’s what you missed out on.

None the less the Milwaukee Radification Project missed it’s chance to pretty much wipe out Riverwest, while 68% of the neighborhood’s population was ogling the genius of making a throw pillow out of an old Reebok teeshirt. (Fact: not genius, and the Pump sucked).

Finally I find this from gem in Lorenius‘ (crafty, but way classier than those filthrolling hipsters) twitter trough.